Christophe Thiry

Christophe Thiry was born in Orleans in 1969, and remembers always drawn, despite the narrow margins of school notebooks. The bachelor's pocket, he entered the Higher Institute of Art and Advertising, founded by Paul Colin. After several professional experiences in advertising, he made a providential encounter with the painter Andrew Jude, then became a student of Philippe Lejeune. Since he exhibited regularly at the Gallery Frégnac (Paris), Galerie Varine-Gincourt (Paris) Salon "Souvenir de Corot" (Viroflay), the Show Host.
 In 2005 he was appointed Official Painter of the Army, Army section.
His work shows great integrity, a token of the esteem he is the spectator. The inspiration comes from the contemplation of nature, a mirror of his inner life. The landscape, above all, justifies its moods: sadness, joy, pain, euphoria, all the passions which the mind gives a comprehensible, human so to speak. The artist dramatizes his heart and he is believed to rank singular universal: the viewer is moved, met. His works are in private and public collections. Various exhibitions held.



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