Jean Commere  was born in Paris April 5, 1920 he died at Angers in October 1986.

 Painter of religious scenes, characters compositions, subjects of sports, portraits,
landscapes, seascapes, still lifes, watercolorist, lithographer, designer, illustrator.
He participates in numerous fairs in Sacred Art, Autumn, I
ndependent Painters witnesses of their time, Ecole de Paris ...
In 1936 he enrolled at the Beaux-Arts d'Angers and between the Beaux-Arts
in Paris in 1938 in the studio of sculptor Jean Boucher (1870-1939).
 By 1936 he participated in many group exhibitions in France and abroad.
1939 Birth of his daughter Yannick, daughter Gisele Vallepin.
On November 11, 1940, d at a student demonstration against the Communists arrest
of Professor Langevin and occupation, Jean Commereis arrested and imprisoned for Health.
He draws his cellmates. He was released from prison. Joined his parents in refugee
Monjean-sur-Loire. Meets Suzanne Barber "Suzette".
1942 First Editions of exposure to the West, a library, then in Joubert.
Divorce Gisele Vallepin. In 1942 he devoted himself solely to painting.
1943 Live with Suzette near Noyant Raguinières to where he is under house arrest.
1947 Marries Suzette barber, first solo exhibition at the "Blue Station".
He painted many harbor scenes, women Breton, gives free rein to research color and design:
large flat colors of pure tones, surrounded by a black or white, which pierces both
the influence of painters Pont-Aven and Matisse.
1948 Moves to Denée with Suzette, stay Doëlan and beginning of the "Yellow Period".
1951 He holds his first personal exhibition in Paris Galerie Monique de Groote and then in London and Geneva.
In 1952 Jean Commere wins first prize Otho Friez tied with Michel Rodde (1913-2009).
Birth of daughter Jacquine, the family settled in Paris in the old workshop
Modigliani Rue de la Grande-Chaumiere.
 In 1953 he was the standout show of young painters. Good times, many exhibitions.
Participates annually at the Salon of Painters Witnesses of their Time, Salon d'Automne,
Independent, comparison of May and many others. They tore his paintings to openings.
In 1954 he settled in plain brie Plessis and inspired by his environment.
He paints landscapes bathed in sunshine, wheat fields, orchards, villages etc. brie ...
In 1956 he participated in the thematic exhibition of Rehabilitation and portrait painted a
portrait of Yves Montand and Simone Signoret in The Crucible. I
n 1958, a knight of Arts and Letters, he participated in the exhibition "School of Paris 1957"
at the Galerie Charpentier, Jean Gossip is one of six invited to the Venice Biennale
and participated in the first "Biennial the Young Contemporary Painting in Bruges.
1959 Exhibition "by Gauguin to the present, contemporary French painting" in Warsaw
 "The School of Paris collections in Belgium"; "Aspects of French Painting", Chartres.
Begins to make trips to the islands Chausey regularly until about 1980.
1964 Jean Perrin wrote "John, dear, painter of light" Editions Arts et Lettres, Grasse.
1969 Several exhibitions and group exhibitions "The woman in the drawing" JCBellier Gallery. "
The research and achievements of modern science" Fair Witnesses Painters, J
ean Commère painted Pharmaceutical company.
1971 Retrospective Exhibition 1948-1969, Galerie Reichenbach.
1973 Painters Witnesses of their time "The life of things":
Exhibition at the Commandery Templar.
1978 Made an Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters.
Jean returns to her native region of Anjou in the early 1980s.
He spends a lot of time to paint, draw and do watercolors
of the Loire to comment on any media of light and magic in it.
Recreate 1981 with Mayor John Monnier of the Salon d Angers Angers "actual figure"
1983 Perform a mural of 9m50 on a circus theme for the convention center of Angers.
 In 1984 on the occasion of the beatification of the Martyrs of Angers,
Angers City offered a "Descent from the Cross" by Jean Commère to Pope John Paul II. T
his work is now in the Vatican Museum.  In July 1986,
his wife Suzette died accidentally Plessis. In October,
unable to overcome her grief artist ends his days.

Major solo exhibitions:
1942 Librairie des Editions de l'Ouest, Angers
1947, 1949, 1950, the Station Gallery Blue, Angers
1949 Gallery Monoïcos, Monaco
1951 Gallery Pascaud, Paris
1952 Galerie Lamoureux, Angers
1953, 1955, 1956, 1957 Galerie Monique de Groote, Paris
1957 Athena Gallery, Geneva
1961 Galerie David and Garnier - Paris, Lefevre Gallery, London
1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1967 Galerie Philippe Reichenbach, Paris
London 1970 Lefevre Gallery
1971 Retrospective exhibition in New York, Galerie Philippe Reichenbach
1972, 1974, 1976 Paris Galerie Maurice Garnier
1973 The graphic work of Jean Commère "Templar Commandery, Coulommiers
1980, 1981, 1982 Gallery Alain Daune Paris
1981 Chateau de Val, Edge-to-Organs "Retrospective"
1981 Hotel de Ville d'Angers "Retrospective"
 Paris 1985 Galerie Guigné

Since his death, many retrospectives have been devoted to:
1987 Musée du Luxembourg Paris Tribute to Jean Commère; November 1987 at Mill Vauboyen;
1988 musseer Angers 40 years of painting;
1989 Center Paul Gauguin in Pont-Aven, T
ribute to and Jean Commere ant at the Salon d'Automne in Paris.
1989, Jean Commere Gallery Crecy Crecy la Chapelle
1995 Jean Commere, Chapel Dames Blanches, La Rochelle
1996 Chateau du Plessis-Macé, Conseil Général de Maine et Loire
1997 Priory of Saint-Cosme, General Council of Indre-et-Loire
2005 Meaux Bossuet Museum Retrospective "
2005 Jean Commère "Selected Works", Galerie de Crecy
2007 Jean Commere, "Works on Paper" Gallery of Crecy
2008 Jean Commère "Selected Works", Galerie de Crecy

Awards and honors
Mention in 1938 and bronze plaque to Art competition and Industry - Ministry of Fine Arts
Drafted in 1949 at a price Hallmark
Drafted in 1951 at the cost of the Jeune Peinture
1952 Grand Prix Otho Friez Second Prize of Young Painting
1953 Off competition at the expense of Young Painting
1958 Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et Lettres
1963 Award "In a painting" the exhibition of Painters Witnesses of their Time
1972 Prize of the Biennale de Trouville
1974 Price Francis Smith
Winner of the 1975 International Biennial of Sacred Art Gemmail Painter of Light
1978 Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters
 Grand Prix International Gemmail of Sacred Art

Orders public and private
1955 Sets, curtain and costumes for the ballet "Concerto under the Stars" Béla Bartok -
Paris Opera
1960 School Chevrollier - Angers - monumental canvas "The visit of the site"
1963 Way of the Cross Chapel Mill Vauboyen - painting "Nativity"
1975 Directed Gemmail "Alma Mater"
1983 Palais des Congres - Angers - monumental painting "The Circus"

French museum collections:
Acquisition City of Paris
Modern Art Museum of the City of Paris
Fonds National d'Art Contemporain
Acquisition City of Angers
Musée des Beaux-Arts d'Angers
Musée des Beaux-Arts d'Orléans
Gemmail Museum, Tours
Musée de Trouville
Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Police
Musée Denys Puech, Rodez

Municipality of Crecy La Chapelle
Jacquine Commere, her daughter and her children donated to the town
of Crecy-la-Chapelle a "Descent from the Cross."
This painting finds its natural place in the light of the Collegiate
where she was blessed May 19 2007.

Collections of foreign museums:
Birmingham (United Kingdom)
Geneva (Switzerland)
Houston (USA)
Vatican City

Private collections:
France, Great Britain, United States, Japan, Switzerland,
Germany, Sweden, Mexico ... ..

Acquisitions Personal
Vivian Leigh, Gregory Peck, Jean Gabin, Madeleine Robinson,
William Holden, Nathan Cummings

Bibliophilia books illustrated by Jean Commere:

1947 Illustrious "Customs and legends of country of Anjou" by Felix Landreau.
1959 Illustrates the "Georgics" of Virgil. Editions Pierre Tartas
1962 Illustrates the "Eclogues" of Virgil. Editions Pierre Tartas
1964 Illustrious "hunting" of Varende. Editions Pierre Tartas
1966 Illustrates the "Venere" the Varende. Editions Pierre Tartas
1967 "Wolf Fourdin" Jean Perrin
Illustre 1972 "for a herbarium" Colette. Edition Pierre Tartas
1974 Illustrious "Raboliot" of Genevoix. Light Editions
llustrates with Madonna "Salve Regina" Edition Pierre Tartas
Illustrates "the snows of Kilimanjaro," Hemingway

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