Eugène Corneau (1894-1976)

Eugene CORNEAU born in 1894 in Vouzeron (expensive).
 .1908 Performs many different trades in order to paint and read assiduously during the evening.
 .1913 Enters workshop Luce Berthold Mahn where he met Richard Maguet arriving Amiens and to whom he befriends.
 .1918 Meeting Elie Faure, participates in the creation of the Junior French painting (founding member).
 .1925 Appointed resident of Abd-el-Tif in Algiers by the general government of Algeria, Algiers part where he met Etienne Bouchard and Jean Launiod and Jean Alasard, then a professor at the Faculty of Letters, Conservative Future Museum of Modern Art in Algiers, and poet Audisio works and travels in Algeria, is a stay at La Goulette, Tunisia, joined by painter Marquet.
 .1927 Go back to France, spent the summer Pontetaubert near Avallon (Yonne).
 .1928 Staying at Boulogne-sur-mer with Richard Maguet
 .1929 A friendship with Rene Levrel, travel to Algeria and on his return, begins engravings for books.
 .1930 Stays Saint-Jean-de-Monts along with PE and Clairin Levrel
 1933 Travel to the Ile d'Yeu, where he will return often.
 .1941-1944 Painted in Berry in Bourges and Argenton-sur-Creuse.
 .1947 Becomes Member of National Committee of books and Society Print
 .1953 Appointed committee member of the Salon d'Automne.
 .1953-1962 Is responsible for a course in printmaking at the School nationaledes Fine Arts of Algiers.
 .1954-1974 Back regularly each winter in Algeria and worked the rest of the year in Paris, Pontaubert and Ile d'Yeu.
 .1958 Was appointed Vice-President of the Society of French painters engravers.
 .1976 Dies at Pontaubert


 .1918 Young French painting in Marzi Joyant Theater Old Colombier.Galerie Eugene Blot Street Richepanse, Paris.
 Galerie Eugène Blot .1919.
 .1920 Gallery Editions G. Cres & Cie, rue Hautefeuille
 Galerie Eugène Blot .1921.
 .1922 Associate's autumn fair.
 .1923 Salon des Tuileries (year of birth and years following) The young French painter.
 Galerie Eugène Blot .1924. The young French painting, Cravant (Yonne). The revival Gallery, Paris (engraving).
 .1925 Galerie Giroux, Brussels.
 Galerie Eugène Blot .1927. Vincont Galerie, rue de Seine, Paris (drawings and gouaches from Algeria).
 New York .1928.
 .1929 Gallery th.Briant. Salon d'Automne.
 Gallery J .1931. R Wood, Haarlem, Holland.
 .1933 Galerie Druet, Paris.
 .1937 "Artists of that time" at the Petit Palais, Paris. Decoration flag Berry-Nivernais in the Exposition Universelle.
 .1938 Decoration Exhibition in New York.
 .1938 Galerie André Schoeller, rue de Teheran, Paris.
 .1940 Guest at the 22nd Venice Biennale.
 .1940-1941 Decoration of the hall of Bourges (destroyed).
 .1947 Gallery Rodrigues-Henriques, Paris.
 .1949 Galerie André Maurice, bd Haussmann, Paris.
 .1950 Gallery Mignon Martin, Nantes.
 .1952 Galerie André Maurice, Paris.
 .1961 Galerie André Maurice, Paris.
 .1965 Katia Granoff Gallery, Paris.
 .1970 Katia Granoff Gallery, Paris.

 Has also regularly exhibited in a group formed with his friends Rt.Bouchaud, PE and Clairin Levrel.

 Albi, Algiers, Anneey, Babnols-sur-Ceze, Bourges, Constantine, Ghent, Oran, Paris Musée National d'Art Moderne, Poitiers, Rodez, Tunis.

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