André Bourrié (1936-2017)

André Bourrié was born  in 1936 in Montpelier.
Official painter of the navy since 1983.
Self-taught, He obtained ceramist's diploma. He was promoted director of a workshop, he has then of taught. All this time, his desire to dedicate completely its life to the painting was very strong. Before leaving the profession he took up the challenge very requiring to win the title of «Better Worker of France " .With a project of 500 hours which creates a "masterpiece" a masterpiece, he takes gains the silver medal. He donated this work of art in the city hall of Vauhallan.
He exposes since 1960 to diverse lounge show Parisians, Golden medal of the show of the French artists in 1978. Show of the Painter) from their time to 1982, or he received the Prize of Barbizon. Numerous personal exhibitions in the United States, in Japan, in Europe, he is official painter of Marine since 1983.
Especially landscape painter, her meticulous technique by small touches of colours

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