Jean Hulin


"The best to find a painter,
is to look at life in his studio ...Jean Aubert "

Born in 1920
After studying architecture, Jean Hulin had to Masters at the Ecole Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, and Oudot Brianchon and obtained diplomas in interior designer and art teacher at the Beaux-Arts (Workshop Jaudon).
Associate of the Salon d'Automne, French Artists, Drawing and Watercolor, he participated in the Salon des Peintres Witnesses of their time, Salon de la Marine, Salon d'Angers, Orangerie du Chateau de Versailles, Châteaux de Blois and Bourdeilles, Souvenir de Corot, Artists Ile, Chateau Margaux, Festival of Dinard Festival Ravel, Saint-Emilion (Deanery and COUSTAUD), Chalons, Mill Vauboyen, L'Isle-Adam, Enghien, Antony, Grief, Taverny Montmagny and Yvry.

Taylor Award.
Gold, French Artists
Guest of honor:
Agen, Musee de Sarrebourg Castle Ville d'Avray, Mayor of Enghien, Sannois, Cormeilles Margency Ballancourt and Montmagny.
Promoted to Officer of the Academic Palms.
Special Exhibits:
Crecy-La-Chapelle, Antibes, Noirmoutier, Rouen, Obernai, Quimper, Le Mans (Abbey Epau), Talloires, Montmagny and Fleurie in Beaujolais.
Group exhibitions abroad:
Art Museum of Sao Paulo. Tehran. Bahamas Islands; Sofia, Tokyo,

USA, Germany, Holland, Russia, Japan, Bahamas, Iran, Brazil.
Prefecture de Versailles, Musee des Baux, Orangerie of Versailles, the General Council of Le Mans, Mayor of Enghien, Montmagny, Grief, Taverny, Agen, Montmorency, Saint Gratien, Le Chesnay, Cormeilles and Rueil-Malmaison.
Monumental achievements:.
Canvases: City of Franconville (9x4m) Verdun (6x2, 5m); Chalon, four canvas (4x2m)
A short film was directed by Jean Poignonec; "In the workshop".

"Painting should be eaten only with the heart"
John Hulin

Paintings by Jean Hulin, Jean Hulin itself. It finds its nostalgic moods in his watercolors of Brittany in the autumn, his enthusiasms in the pure tones of southern landscapes, strive for order in compositions where one does not know if reality bends the laws of balance or equilibrium that becomes familiar reality. It recognizes Jean Hulin, earthy sound, rich tan in the land that illuminates, we still recognize in the distance discrete horizons in the choice he made to celebrate the life of quiet things. It is there in his own impulses as in the admission of its extreme sensitivity in his element as love in his quest for enlightenment.

At work, Jean Hulin can no longer be distracted by life that surrounds it. If he draws heavily on the ground, if realized, well, many watercolors that could mean spontaneous (but if the underlying business, hidden, is suppressed in favor of fact, imagination , selection, reflection combine incessantly), he painted almost all of his paintings in the studio. There, under favorable, he brought forth the subconscious emotions once felt, ordinances, control, and as if by magic, is becoming lines, forms, plans and colors, shadows and light (lumièers detained him more than contained in the ground) where the fullness of each painting, its density, its life, its silent poetry.
In writing Chinese tells us that war horses born on the borders. On the frontiers of natural reality and abstract construction that are born, apparently it, a large number of paintings by Jean Hulin. Thus they are the bridge contacts (and separation) of various interrelated trends, even the eternal struggle between loyalty to nature and the freedom of the designer. All masters of painting have attended these border areas, irrespective of the times.
Therefore the pictorial work of Jean Hulin, his "silent poetry" has every chance of taken the time to go beyond the modes and thus gain time. More than reality, more than a dream, not everyday but still physically and spiritually in that time, the work of Jean Hulin, Jean Hulin himself flesh and dream, strength and sensitivity, doubts and certainties, light and heat.

That is the personality.
Jean Aubert



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