Georges Hilbert (1900-1982)

Georges Hilbert (1900-1982) 

Georges Hilbert painter and sculptor , follower of the direct cutting.

Born on March 20th, 1900 to Nemours in Algeria, died on September 6th, 1982.


At the age of 17, Georges Hilbert enters the School of Fine Arts of Algiers where he is formed  by Georges Béguet. This professor also formed in this school, Paul Belmondo ( 1898-1982 ). He was then a pupil of the schools of the decorative arts and the fine arts(School of Fine Arts) of Paris and began his career in the Lounge(Show) of the Tuileries in 1926. He obtains the Grand Prix of the architecture during the Exhibition of the Decorative arts of 1925 in Paris. In 1931, Hilbert joins the group Twelve created by François Pompon ( 1855-1933 ).


Received G Hilbert the first prize of Sculpture attributed by the American foundation Blumenthal the objective of which is to promote the thought and the French art in the United States.


Member of the Institute of France (Academy of Arts, section sculpture) in 1973, the same year the price) Edouard-Marcel Sandoz is awarded to her.


Collections of French and foreign museums:

Museum of the City of Paris

Metropolitan Museum of art of New York (New York, the United States)

Museum of Toledo (Ohio, the United States)

Museum of Denver (Colorado, the United States)


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