Commode d Epoque Louis XV, estampillee, Mathieu CRIAERD

Louis XV period commode, inlaid rosewood veneer in frieze in panels with broad framing nets and geometric decoration. It opens with four drawers in three rows separated by cross bars, Curved shape in front and on the sides and, the "pinched" amounts are extended by arched feet

Very beautiful ornamentation of gilded and chiseled bronze marked with crowned C *

"Draw handles" with the valets ", falls, hooves, entry of locks and openwork apron"

Royal red marble top molded with a corbin beak.

Very good original condition

Height: 84 cm .; Width: 130cm .; Depth: 64 cm

Stamped M CRIAERD & JME.

Mathieu Criaerd, Master July 29, 1738.

The "Crowned C" The bronzes of some Louis XV furniture bear a hallmark of the letter C surmounted by a crown that has long intrigued the specialists. We now know that this hallmark sanctions a tax paid between 1745 and 1749 on bronzes and brass. The 1745 edict required that "old and new works (...) that are and will be made, be visited and marked". The same text enumerates all works "of pure copper, of cast iron, cast, beaten, glued, engraved, gilded, silvered and colored, without any exception" which were to receive the mark.

Bibliography: French and European furniture from the Middle Ages to today. from Pierre Kjellberg. the edition of the amateur.

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  • Model: Mathieu CRIAERD

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