Tric-trac estampille Vassou

"Tric-trac" Louis XVI mahogany, mahogany veneer, ebony, ivory, mounted on oak frame. It opens with two opposite drawers in a belt. The double-sided removable tray is on one side covered with brown leather with a small gold-plated vignette, which can be used as a desk, and on the back of a green felt pen. He discovers two boxes for backgammon backgammon game with original ivory tokens and two leather cups (back). The set rests on four tapered legs and deeply grooved finished no bronze clogs and casters.
Very beautiful original condition Stamped JBVASSOU and Brand of Jurande JME,
Jean-Baptiste VASSOU, received master on January 

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  • Model: Tric-trac estampille Vassou

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