Convenient XVIIIth slightly curved front inlaid rosewood veneer sheets. It opens with three drawers on three rows separated. Amounts rounded to triple flutes. Royal red marble top. Beautiful ornamentation and gilt bronze carved crowned marked C * representing winged dragons. * The "Crowned C" Bronzes some Louis XV furniture are made of a punch letter C surmounted by a crown that has long puzzled scholars. We now know that this punch punishes tax paid between 1745 and 1749 on bronze and brass. The edict of 1745 required that "works old and new (...) that are and will be manufactured, labeled and be visited." The same text lists all the books "of pure copper, cast, molded, beaten, glide engraved, gold, silver and colored, without exception" that would receive the mark.




H 86 x 122 x 63 cm


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